Thursday, November 1, 2012

Great Garden Soil - Coffee Grounds

Nathan has been bringing me home coffee grounds from work.  These guys can go through huge amounts of coffee, and I of course am more than happy to take advantage of their caffeine addiction. 

Mmmmmmm.... old coffee.

These were just some of the bags, I found several more hiding in the garden shed.

Why add coffee to your garden you might ask.  Because worms Love coffee grounds and it adds nitrogen to the soil.  I only add grounds when I don't have anything planted.  Although grounds are neutral in their acidity (the acidity soaks out with the coffee), I am still afraid it would burn the plants.  

Once the snow is melted and I am ready to plant again, hopefully this will help improve my soil.

Other reasons to love coffee grounds:

Heat up your compost pile

Repels slugs and ants

And it smells good!

I raked it all over the garden.  We found a place to get free wood chips, so once we find a day when we are just sitting twiddling our thumbs (which would be NEVER) we'll go get a couple loads to top off the garden.

Three cheers for coffee!!

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  1. We are also saving our coffee grounds for the garden. We've just moved from a place where we spent 7 years improving the soil and had our best garden ever to a place that hasn't been farmed for years. So we're basically starting from scratch. I didn't know about the high nitrogen content. Should be great for the corn!

  2. Thanks for the post. I have been using them for the last 7 years as a light mulch for our flowers beds. We used to manage a coffee house and we would get bucket fulls. The plants did okay as long as I didn't lay them too thick. It made great free mulch...Thanks for sharing your experience! :)

  3. We sprinkle them around our blueberry bushes and pour any left-over coffee (cold) there too. otherwise it goes into the compost barrel. Also didn't know about the Nit. in it. Thanks!!


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