Thursday, November 8, 2012

Homemade Christmas

This year for Christmas, my sister Glenda thought that it would be fun and more meaningful, to make gifts for each other instead of the usual store bought items.  Since my father and brother-in-law aren't the most creative, we decided that it would just be us girls (Mom included).

So for the past few day's I've been brainstorming and scouring the Internet for inspiration.

Here are some fun ideas that I came across and thought that I would share:

If you are one of my gift recipients (Glenda, Lisa and Mom) please don't read any further or be prepared to act really surprised at Christmas!!

Ok, I think it's safe to share now.

Jewelry Shelf 

My sister loves jewelry, and has lots of it.  I think that I could make something like this with pallets and a burlap backing.

Wool Dryer Balls
These dryer balls would make such a creative and useful stocking stuffer.  Of course I would have to make some for myself too.


I'm thinking that this would be the perfect gift for my techie brother-in-law.  Looks simple enough to make too.

Ruffly Yarn Scarf
This is another really cute, simple idea.  While I can crochet, I'm out of practice and it takes me forever.  I could still give the gift of a warm scarf without the work!

Sewing Machine Pin Cushion
 I have to admit, when I first saw this I saved it to make for myself.  However, my dear Mother has a fancy new sewing machine and this will make a nice accessory for it.

Hula Hoop Rug
This project I'm most excited about.  I have lots of old tee shirts and extra material that would work perfectly.  Glenda likes her bath mats to be machine washable (no rubber backing) and this would fit the bill.


 Now my brain hurts and I already feel worn out!  However, the thought of saving money on homemade gifts is a great motivator!  


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