Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Lost in my own Little World

I apologize for not posting as often as I should be.  It seems that the deeper we get into the cold season, the more I stay home, and the more I stay home the more I become disconnected from the outside world.  To some, wanting to stay home and crochet homemade Christmas gifts while your bread rises, instead of being out and about may seem odd.  It's as if I'm becoming lost in my own little world here at the farm.  Even the computer stays off most of the time.  Don't worry about me, it's not a funk, merely a change of priorities.  The more I'm home doing homesteady things, the simpler I crave life to be.  The other night we spent the evening with all the lights turned off using only light from the fire and oil lamps.  It took my eyes a bit to get used to cooking like that, but it was very peaceful.

In homesteading news, we took Pearl to the vet the other day to see if she was pregnant.  Good news... we will have a new four legged addition to the farm this summer.  We got to see the little one on the ultra-sound screen.  The kids thought it was really cool and couldn't wait to tell their friends.  This was Pearl's first outing with us and she behaved wonderfully.  When we first loaded her into the trailer, it took a bit of coaxing and pulling, but we got her loaded.  Once there she minded her manners and earned some treats when she got home.

As I am slowly getting Christmas decor up, my soul is filled with the peace that only the Christ Child can bring.  I find myself staring out the window reflecting upon this wonder.  Christmas truly is a magical time of year.


  1. Oh, your evening sounds blissful! We are days away from Summer here in Australia and my family and I are also days away from moving to our new life and lifestyle in country Victoria. Our chickens are growing like weeds and eagerly await grassier and more spacious housing (which is ready and waiting for them) and I am itching to get stuck into some hardcore gardening as I know there are weeds there just taking the mickey out of me whilst I'm here packing. It's definitely not quiet, nor peaceful here (with 3 kids under 5, peace rarely reigns) but I too am quite ready to dive head first into our little oasis and only come out for the occasional breath of air.

  2. For a second there I thought you might be describing me. I too am enjoying being at home working on my Christmas crochet projects. Chasity

  3. I loved this post.
    I feel the same way at times...the more I'm being who I am and doing what I like...which is cooking, gardening, and being creative in my home. The more I want to DO IT!
    Bravo to you for getting to do that! and Congrats on the upcoming addition to your homestead.


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