Monday, December 31, 2012

A Day in the Life


Throughout the day today I took a few snapshots of "life". 

Supper on the stove and laundry drying.

I wish I could be a cat.... just for a day.

The style born of a cold winter and uninsulated wood floors.


  1. Loving the picture (1). I instantly think about Laura Ingalls when I see that. I love that stove and think you are amazing for working hard to learn to use it and to succeed.

  2. That first picture looks remarkably like home to me. :)

  3. Those slippers and socks look wonderful. I've a pair of insulated hiking boots that's usually my choice as we also have uninsulated wood floors. And my feet and legs are still cold! I've been putting off doing laundry as my wringer washer is on an unenclosed porch and it's been about 20F out there the last few days.


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