Monday, December 3, 2012

Photo a Day - Something Red

I am taking part in A Content Housewife's  Photo-A-Day challenge for the month of December.  I decided to take it one step further and use my phone for all the pictures.  Mainly because I am super excited to finally have a decent phone and am looking for excuses to use it whenever I can.

Today's challenge was something red.


  1. Dang, that from your phone? That's amazeingly beautiful. Good job!

  2. Beautiful!
    I hadn't heard of the Content Housewife Photo of the Day...I haven't even heard of the Content Housewife.
    I've heard A content housewife...hmph! well, I'm just going to hop over there and check this out. Because...I'm trying to be content!
    yes! I am.


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