Friday, December 7, 2012

The Boy is a Worker

My seven year old son John, is one of the hardest workers I know.  While many of his friends go home to video games or TV, he hops off the bus to do chores.

In our house each family member is expected to contribute.   I believe that this teaches responsibility, self-discipline, self-restraint, and instills a strong work ethic.  When hard work has always been a part of your life, one is more likely to continue to work hard no matter what the job so you can pay the bills.  It's OK to sweat a little to be a contributing member of society.

John has learned that the chickens lay more eggs when they are properly cared for.  He enjoys going out and feeding the cow.  Tonight he helped Nathan stack wood by the house.  He doesn't get paid to help, that's why it's called helping.  Best of all, he doesn't expect anything in return.  I will of course treat him to some hot coco and a cookie or two.


  1. Such a great way to teach responsibility and caring.

  2. LOVE it! I expect my kids to help out too. Jasper (4) has been helping feed the cats and shifted his drawers out ready for moving. Allegra (3) helps feed the chooks and collect eggs and sometimes helps do "pegs" when I hang out the washing. They both help load and unload the front loader washing machine too. In fact, Allegra heard it finish today and had it emptied before I realised it was finished! They also empty the dishwasher, working together as one unloads and the other puts away.
    Even Orik, our 16 month old "helps" by closing doors to the pantry and laundry. I don't even need to ask him to do that! ;)
    It sometimes seems a lot but it never takes long and their help goes a long way for me and also, as you say, instills in them the right values.


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