Monday, December 17, 2012

When splitting wood...

We are now well into wood burning season here.  This experience has been my first with a wood burning stove.  I. Love. It.!
The feeling of knowing that you can heat your home, food, and water with wood from your own property is exhilarating. 
People had warned me about a wood stove creating quite a mess.  While I do have to sweep up bits of bark a couple times a day, the mess isn't nearly as bad as I thought.  We have cleaned the chimney several times now and have it down to 30 minutes.  I have also cleaned out the inside of the stove (not the oven or firebox) and that was probably the messiest part.

The one thing that I am a bit disappointed about, and this is our fault, is how often we have to get up in the middle of the night to add wood.  Why?  Because I went a little crazy when splitting the wood and split them too small.  I should have left more large chunks for overnight burns.  Next year I will try harder to restrain myself.

Overall I'd say that heating and cooking exclusively with the wood stove is deffinitly doable for us, during winter anyways.  Good thing too, because the electric company is making me so mad I'm about ready to just shut off the power.


  1. Christina- I love your wood cook stove. We don't have one of those...we just have a big wood HEAT STOVE...but finally after almost 17 years (in January)...I decided to cook on top of it. I am finding it very interesting and challenging(in a good way) I LOVE THE CHALLENGE of seeing what I can cook on here. We are experiencing cash flow problems with our budget right now and so we've cut corners to see what we can do without for a bit longer. Since we have wood and are using it to heat with, why not cook with it?
    I don't have the option of an oven...I suppose with the right tools and equipment...I could place a dutch oven inside my stove. But right, I'm only cooking on top. Today--it is pretty mild here. But, we had a small fire going in the house just to knock the chill off. I used a cookie sheet and baker's rack to dry my homemade noodles I made this morning. Everyday is something new.

    Like you-- we need larger and longer logs for night logs and it keeps the house comfortable. Banking the coals before turning in at night helps get the fire good and hot in the morning!

    I love it. Glad you're enjoying your stove to cooking and heating.

  2. Gotta love those electric companies. I am glad to hear the stove works for you. It sounds so fun!

  3. From your pictures, it looks as though you are burning pine. If this is true, that also contributes to the difficulty in keeping a fire overnight. Hardwoods burn longer, but we've all got to use what is available to us. I'm glad that you're enjoying your stove!

  4. Glad you are enjoying your stove ... I went and got 2 pickup loads of wood over the weekend and fortunately we have now had 4 ok to burn days in a row, so I am getting good use of the wood stove.

  5. We use a wood stove for heat too. I absolutely love the heat it provides. It also helps tremendously with our electric bill since our only other source of heat is electric baseboard.

  6. Hey Christina, I'm wondering what type of stove you have. We live in a part of Canada where -30 is fairly common in the winter and we have no hard wood, yet we never get up at night to fill our Pioneer Maid cook stove. Of course it does have a huge firebox.


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