Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2012 Accomplishments

This was a big year for us.  We bought our house and have been busy ever since.  I'm proud of what Nathan and I have accomplished in 2012.

~  Installed cattle guards in the drive

~  Fixed/put up fencing around the entire perimeter of the property.

~  purchased a wood cook stove for heating and cooking

~  Started our flock of chickens

~  Bought milk cow and her calf

~  semi-sucssesful garden

~  canned tomatoes and beans from garden
~  planted pear trees and pruned apple trees
~  planted rhubarb and strawberries

~  purchased tractor

~  installed clothes-line
~  fenced in garden
~  Built entrance gate

~  Built storage loft in shop
~  Built solar heated water tank for cows

Next year the hard work continues.  As of right now (and this is sure to change) here are our homesteading goals for 2013.

~  Enclose round pen behind barn.
~  Purchase pigs for breeding and butchering
~  Hatch our own eggs
~  Set up drip system in garden
~  Continue no-till, mulching method in garden
~  remove rocks from front pasture so we can cut it
~  have well dug
~  enlarge strawberry bed
~  plant more berry bushes
~  plant more fruit trees
~  continue cleaning up wooded area
~  start herb garden
~  set up another pen for seperating calves
~  Install hand pump for cistern
~  Put down sawdust on floor of milking parlor
~ Install wood stove in shop

This will be a busy year for sure, but I'm so excited.  I want spring to be here NOW!  My hands are just itching to dig in the dirt.


  1. Congratulations, you have accomplished alot this past year. Happy New Year! :)

  2. Congrat's on getting so much accomplished! Hope you reach all of your goals this year :) Happy New Year!

  3. That's a splendid list of accomplishments! Best of luck with your 2013 goals.

  4. I love your Wood Stove!
    Enjoyed the visit to your farm courtesy of BYB Valentines party.


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