Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Cleaning out the Stove

Earlier this week we began noticing a chemical-like smell coming from the stove.  We cleaned out the ash buckets, tried different logs, nothing worked.  We finally had to stop using the stove one night because it was so bad I though we would get carbon monoxide poisoning.  Nathan and I were discussing what it could be when it hit us... when had we last cleaned the chimney?  Our plan when we installed it was to clean it once a month.  It seemed like we had just cleaned it, but when I looked at the calender it had been before Thanksgiving!!  Yikes!

Wednesday when Nathan came home from work, he pulled out the ladder and gave the chimney a good sweeping.  This part is quick and only takes about 10 minutes.  Once he is done on the roof, it's my turn to clean out the stove part.

Our stove has two clean out openings.  One in the drawer under the oven.

The other is on the cooktop.

The creosote looks fuzzy, but if let uncleaned it can cause very hot, very dangerous fires. As you can see it was pretty full.  Creosote accumulates on the sides of the stove and this is what you see when you remove the covers. (Sorry for the bad pictures, blame the poor lighting.)

Using the scraper, I cleaned out the top, side, and underneath of the oven.  I filled the bucket three times before I was satisfied that I had gotten it all.  No chimney fires this month.

I don't mind cleaning out the stove.  It's not as messy as you would think.  Other than having to use a damp rag to wipe up the warming closet and the stove top, the mess stays pretty well contained.  No more scary smells and poorly burning fires... for a while anyways.


  1. Well, it's good you figured it out. What do you use to clean the chimney?

  2. Love the stove. lucky you

  3. I bet that's a good feeling. Can you put that into the garden to improve the soil, like ash Or does it go into the dumpster. Gotta be something useful to do with all that stuff.


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