Saturday, February 23, 2013

Farm Animals have their own Schedule

I now have two broody hens.

It would have worked better had they waited for spring.  The white hen's eggs are 19 days old, so hopefully we will start seeing chicks on Monday ( if they hatch at all).

My milk cow Pearl has decided that it's time to dry up as well.  I had expected this as her calf is almost a year old.

Despite a rocky start, she has really mellowed and we have a friendly understanding.  I'm sure the only reason she tolerates me at all is because I bring the food.

The plan for the future is to schedule her breeding so she calves mid March.  Then my two off months will be during the coldest parts of winter.

I am so sick of winter.

I'll keep you posted on my hens.


  1. Oh, I'm curious to know if you get chicks!
    That would be great.
    Since our Audrey (buff orphington) died...I'm looking at replacing her and getting a couple of more hens. She laid a good sized egg!

    So want to have a milk cow... the Honey doesn't. :(

  2. I KNOW the only reason my milk goat tolerates me is because I bring the food! LOL!! Not really, she is pretty sweet...most of the time!
    Can't wait to see if you get chicks! I'm going to let one of mine set this year too. It will be our first time hatching here on the farm.


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