Thursday, February 28, 2013

Kitchen Chemistry Gone Wrong

 Now that you have seen my project counter, I'm going to share with you what happened to my tomatoes.

They were destined to become Grandmas Tomato Soup, these lovely tomatoes.

Last time I used my frozen tomatoes they were on the bitter side.  To offset that I used some extra sugar and baking soda.  Last time I also did everything on the stove top not a blender.

The plan was to mix everything in the blender so I wouldn't have to use the food mill to remove the skins.  WRONG!!

Mission was a complete failure!

This picture doesn't do the mess justice.  I had kicked off my slippers (because my feet were covered in sauce) and was in the bathroom scraping tomatoes out of my hair and clothing.  Ironically the apron I was wearing to protect my clothing didn't have a spot of tomato sauce on it.  Instead, because I was standing at an angle to the blender, everything splattered behind the apron. 

Somethings you can only laugh at.  After 2 hours of cleaning, I wasn't laughing anymore, but the story is still funny.

Lesson learned:  While baking soda does neutralize the acid in tomatoes, making them less bitter, be sure to add a little at a time.  I dumped it all in, put on the lid and hit blend.  I essentially made a volcano.  Had I made it on the stove, the pot would have been big enough and the pressure wouldn't have built up causing it to explode.


  1. Though it sounds awful funny, I must say that cleaning up for two hours wouldn't make it so funny. However, I have no doubt you will be laughing in the future.

  2. This sounds like something I would do! You should have seen my jam mess a year ago. I think there is still some cemented under the fridge.

  3. I'm so sorry that I'm laughing, but that is terribly funny. I have done many unintentional chemistry experiments in my kitchen. In hindsight, I'm always like, "OF COURSE," but in the heat of the moment, I never saw the explosion coming. I once bottled kombucha with chia seeds, trying to recreate the drinks I've seen at the grocery store. Since I added the seeds before the second ferment, I ended up creating a 10 foot geyser of sticky chia seeds when the fateful day came to open the bottle. Again....lesson learned.


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