Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Happy Valentines Day one day early!  My hubby got me one of the best gifts ever... seed potatoes!
This 40 lb. bag of v-day love was grown locally and meant to become a Lays potato chip, but Nathan works with a guy, who knows a guy that grows them.  You know how that goes.  

The best part is that they were free.  Yeppers!  And there's more if we want them.  I'm thinking that planting wise this should be more than enough.

I'm not sure what kind they are, but they must store really well.  These have been in a cold, dark garage since fall and they still look great.  Common winter, hurry up and be over!  I've got a garden to plant!


  1. Love your blog! I'm visiting from the Boost My Blog Party! :)
    I hope your potatoes will grow. Sometimes, they have been treated so that they WON'T sprout easily.
    I have been reading about winter sowing too. I look forward to seeing how it works for you!

  2. I hope they yield a big healthy crop for you! Thanks for participating in the Boost My Blog party. I make your 75th follower :-)

  3. The gift that lasts and very practical I think. Free is good:) Visiting from Valentine Blog Hop. B

  4. free potatoes are the best kind! visiting via the BMB Party and enjoying your blog.

  5. hey, i hopped over from Boost-My-Blog Party! nice to meet ya. have a great <3 Day!! big hugs. ( :

  6. Nothing says love like potatoes ....

    Popped in from the Boost Your Blog Valentine hop.

  7. Following your blog from the Boost my Blog Party. I hope you will come visit my blog too. We got our seed potatoes too. :)

  8. What a great score -- love anything free!

    Thanks so much for joining us at the BMB party. :)

  9. My gosh, just saw the elk video! Found you in the boost my blog party and am following now. Incredible!

  10. My hubby has learned to give good gifts like that too! I love free!


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