Monday, March 11, 2013

Amending the Soil

 I have taken advantage of the beautiful weather we have been having and started prepping the garden.  It was wonderful to be outside in the sunshine.  After turning compost and manure piles I went into the garden area and just imagined where everything should be planted and how the paths should be laid out. 

This being only our second gardening season here, I am still learning what grows best and where.  This year's garden will be twice the size as last years.  I have my wood chips ready to be hauled in, but before I cover the ground, I want to have an idea of what is in the soil.

I took two test samples.  One from the area I gardened last summer, and the other in the new area.  The new area looks very promising.  Neutral (7.0) pH levels, and sufficient levels of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium.  I am still waiting for my water to be settled for testing the old area.

Below is what I use if I need to amend the soil:

Magnesium deficiency (tomatoes and peppers are prone) - Epsom salt
Calcium deficiency - crushed egg shells
Nitrogen deficiency - coffee ground, well rotten manure, blood meal
Phosphorus deficiency - bone meal
Potassium - potash

I have about a month until serious gardening gets underway.  Between now and then I will add wood chips and probably test other areas of the garden.  Just for fun I planted some old spinach and broccoli seeds.  I couldn't help myself, I HAD to plant something.

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  1. Good additives and cheaper than buying "stuff" at the home improvement store. I hope your spinach and broccoli seeds sprout! :)


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