Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The Babies

 If you follow Homesteading Wife on Facebook you have already seen these two little cuties.

 Don't be alarmed by the bare necks.  They are most definitely Turkens.   These past couple days, I've noticed that they are starting to get real feathers.

 Don't they look so cute hiding under mom.  I'm still keeping them in their little cage.  My barred rock is big and quite the bully.  I would like them to be a little bigger before I release them into general population.

The other day was pretty nice so I kicked all the other chickens out into the yard and let mom and her two babies have the coop and run to themselves.  Mom seemed to enjoy it, but the chicks didn't want to come outside.  After about 10 minutes they were back in the corner waiting for me to put the cage back over them.

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  1. adorable little fluffballs...even without the feathers on their necks. :)

  2. I love seeing little peeper people!! :)


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