Sunday, April 7, 2013

Wood Chips for the Garden

We finally did it!

We ran out of excuses and drove the whole 15 miles down the road to load up the truck with wood chips.  I have been meaning to do this since this time last year.

Every time I go into town, I drive by this lady's house and AMAZING gardens.  She's a master gardener, raises sheep, has a milk cow, and boasts a HUGE greenhouse.  I couldn't help but get garden envy as she walked me around her property.

Her driveway is lined with wood chips dropped of by the power company.

Although Nathan and I came armed with shovels, she graciously gave us permission to use her skid loader.

What would have taken us quite awhile, only took about 10 minutes.  My back and arms thank her.

I didn't waste anytime spreading the wood chips onto the garden. 

They filled in around the rocks nicely.  And yes, I did sweep off the stones.  I'm kinda obsessive compulsive that way.

As we were leaving her home, she told me that I could come back and she would give me a bunch of plants.  Her green house is overflowing with herbs.  Now how can I resist an invitation like that?  I might just have to stop by tomorrow.


  1. Oh how I need wood chips. I would love to be in your position right now. I have decided I am just going to have to live without. We have a small pile, but not enough for our garden. So, what do you have under the woodchips? Do you have native soil or garden soil/compost?

    1. We have the soil/compost mix that we put down last year. It tested great so other than a bit of well rotted manure, I didn't add anything else.

  2. It looks very nice and it would be hard to pass up some free plants!
    Have you ever considered removing Word Verification since you moderate comments?

    1. I thought I had turned that off. Thanks for letting me know.

  3. Your garden looks fantastic. They really do fill around the rocks nicely. I'm glad that your garden project was successful.

    Susan Hirst |


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