Sunday, May 12, 2013

Fossils in the Yard

 I found the most peculiar thing in my yard this week.

I believe that it's a snail fossil.  It is almost 6 inches long and the details are amazing.  

The odd thing was how close to the surface it was.  I had been raking, and noticed the chickens pecking at something.  It wasn't even covered by an inch of soil.

 Crazy Huh?


  1. That is cool! You have some chicken archaeologists.

  2. That's really awesome! Very interesting! Wonder if a museum could to you more about it?

  3. Check with South Dakota School of Mines Geology Museum, in Rapid City, about what kind of fossil you have.

  4. That is waaayy cool! I love stuff like that! :)

  5. Looks like a Chambered Nautilus to me. Here's a link:
    Call a museum. Send the reference to the blob for photos. The Nautilus lives in the ocean but yours in unusual.
    K in OK <><

  6. I love this! Very interesting.....Great find by your hens! :)

  7. So cool! We love finding fossils! It's so exciting! Your fossil is awesome!

  8. It's a mollusc fossil - interesting find!


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