Monday, May 27, 2013

It's Crazy this Summer Thing

 I am still attached to the Earth... I promise.

Summer came and life suddenly went crazy.  Nathan left for two weeks for work and things around here just started snowballing.  Between working, school, kids animals and play practice (more on that later) I didn't have time to eat let alone get on the computer.  Tonight is the first time it's been turned on in over two weeks.

Being busy evidently wasn't enough stress.  I hit a deer with the car, had to have an emergency dentist appointment, lost several chickens to the dog, and had a very scary incident with the kids.  But we all survived and now that Nathan's home, life is back to our version of normal.

 Kids are out of school and I am now just working two morning a week.  I love my job and I was a little sad to give up full days, but it's SUMMER!!  Time to go hiking on forest trails, fishing in one of the many Black Hills lakes and streams, jump on the trampoline until dark and then lay and watch the stars.  Summer will go by so quickly and I'm eager to take advantage.

We have a lot planned for the homestead this summer.

A new addition
Cutting and baling our pasture for the first time
New farm animals
Cross fencing the pastures
Starting an orchard
Building a greenhouse

Every little project is one step closer to a sustainable farm.   I truly can't imagine living any other way.


  1. Glad to see you Are back to "normal"! Lol!!;)

  2. Why is it that all kinds of crazy "stuff" always happens when the hubby is away?! Glad you are enjoying your summer so far! You are right, it will be over before you know it! :)


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