Saturday, June 29, 2013

Garden Soil - June Update

 June was an interesting month in the garden.  It took awhile to warm up, so my plants are a little small.  We have been hailed on at least 4 times, and had several storms with severe wind.

If you have been following my blog for awhile, you know that I have been working to improve our soil with a layering/woodchip method.  Some people refer to it as the Back to Eden method.

Past Garden Soil Posts

I am noticing some things this year that I found interesting.

~ Plants in the old part of the garden seem to be much healthier and growing faster.   This includes: spinach, arugula, carrots, cucumbers, radishes and peas.  I also find more earthworms in the old part. 

Peas are thriving

~ Plants in the new part have required extra nitrogen, mainly the tomatoes.  I expected this because of the wood chips.  Hopefully after a year or two things will have broken down enough that this won't be a problem.

~ Some seeds have trouble growing through the wood chips.  While larger seeds like beans, cucumbers, peas and transplanted veggies like tomatoes are fine in the larger wood chips, smaller seeds like lettuce, herbs and carrots are not.  Next year I will remove the wood chips from certain planting areas and use sifted wood mulch instead. 

~ Weeding simply isn't a problem.  What few weeds do pop up are easily pulled.

Spinach I'm allowing to bolt

 The plans are to enlarge the garden this fall to make room for corn and raised beds for garlic and onions.  I am excited to continue using the wood chip method.  Less watering and weeding makes for one happy homesteader.

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