Saturday, August 24, 2013

Garden Goodies... and Peaches too


The garden is overflowing.  Literally.  Spaghetti Squash and tomatoes are spilling into the pathways.  Pole beans are starting to vine into the zucchini that is quickly becoming a monster.  Carrots are popping out of the ground faster than I can pull and process them.  Bonus.... spinach  reseeded itself and is providing a nice late season surprise.

Yesterday I pulled a canning marathon.  

After 11 hours, 8 pounds of cucumbers became 14 half pints of dill relish.  Twenty-eight pounds of peaches (purchased from a truck in the grocery parking lot) became 10 pints of sliced peaches and 10 quarts of peach pie filling. 

Why did it take so long, you may be wondering.  Because I hate electricity so much that I did everything by hand.  I don't recommend it, and am currently in the market for a new food processor.  Peeling cucumbers is one thing, dicing them is completely another.  That took FOREVER to chop them into tiny, relish size pieces.  And the peaches... ugh... don't get me started on the peaches.

Despite the mess and the backache, it was totally worth it.

I used new recipes for everything, so once they are tested and approved I will share.  I would hate to recommend something that didn't taste good. 


  1. There's just something so beautiful about a counter full of canned goods! Such a satisfying feeling, isn't it?

    Glad to hear your garden is doing well. Ours is loving this wet summer and producing like crazy, too.

  2. Williams and Sonoma has a wonderful tool (non-electric) for peaches that works just like an apple corer. It is very easy and cut my peach processing time in half. Enjoy your bountiful harvest!


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