Saturday, August 10, 2013


It's so exciting when you can cross off something on the mile long to-do list.  It's even more exciting when it's a big step towards self-sustainability.

Now for many people, haying is and has been an annual chore for generations.  It's just another seasonal chore like calving or branding.  For us, it's a whole new adventure.

my view from the tractor
Our used sickle mower needs a few more blades sharpened, but other wise worked perfectly.  The free rake that we found at my grandmothers farm also worked like a charm.

Some friends down the road let us use their baler in exchange for them borrowing our cargo trailer.  

one must have the proper attire to ride on a tractor
We got 29 bales.  Not too bad considering quite a bit didn't get cut because of dull blades.  This and the left over from last winter should last us awhile.

We have a better idea of how many cows our property can support before we would need to buy hay.  Our plan to plant alfalfa is still in the works.  We need to improve the soil first however.  I'm keeping my eyes open for a cheap manure spreader.  A little cow manure can fix anything... right?

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