Thursday, August 29, 2013

Pile that Plate High!

I'm the type of person that tends to keep piling things onto my work plate until I go crazy and start sitting in a corner rocking.  This week seems like one of those weeks. 

It started innocently enough.  Tuesday someone gave me a basket of apples, then yesterday someone else gave me a bag filled with cucumbers.  When I went out into the garden yesterday afternoon, I noticed my broccoli needed to be harvested along with some zucchini, green beans, jalapenos and green peppers.  Of course I couldn't stop there, so I pulled a bunch of carrots and yet MORE cucumbers. 

Somehow this evening I found myself out digging up half the potatoes (more to come on that later).  Still waiting for me in the fridge is peach pits and skins waiting to be made into jelly.  My plate is WAAAAYYY to full.

I made a list of kitchen to do:

Ready to can:

   peach pit jelly
   cucumbers   ~ sweet relish and dill pickles
   new potatoes
   chicken stock (did I mention that Nathan butchered two chickens?  Yeah, that was *fun*)
   green beans

Ready to freeze:

   Shredded zuchinni
   shredded carrots
   apple pie filling

This evening I finished the broccoli and used up half the apples to make pie filling for 3 pies.   It was awesome and I will share the recipe.  I used what carrots I had for dinner and I'll take care of the rest when my plate isn't as full.

Potatoes can wait for a while in the pantry, and the beans will have to go into the freezer for now. 

I'm almost out of canning jars and I haven't even started tomatoes yet.  It will be so nice when the kids are a little older and can help more with food preservation.  It's one of those things that I enjoy doing, but after a while it really wears me down.  This is the biggest, most productive garden I've ever had so I've never had to deal with so much food at one time.  It's such a blessing to have a bountiful harvest.

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  1. Putting up food for the winter is a LOT of work! Sounds like you are doing a great job though! :)


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