Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Potato Update - Part 2

Remember that post I did WAAAAYYY back in spring about planting potatoes?  No?  Me neither.. just kidding.

Well I realized that I forgot to do the update I promised.

Potatoes planted in the container:

   Needed more water
   No weeds
   Larger potatoes
   Easier to harvest

Potatoes planted in hills:

   Less water
   Overtaken by weeds
   Lots of tiny potatoes
   Tiny potatoes
   Harder to harvest

Potatoes on the right were planted in hills, the ones on the left were in the container.  Mater is covered in taters (sorry, couldn't help myself).

Container potatoes
Hilled potatoes
Next year I will plant most of my potatoes in containers.  I learned that I could have probably planted double the potatoes in the container than I did.  A raised bed with rich, loose soil would work nicely too.  Or even better, I could just wait for my hubby to pick up potatoes from the side of the road for me.. for free, with less work.

He happened to be driving along a back country road and saw a trail of potatoes that had bounced out of a potato truck.

Being the ever cheap resourceful hubby that he is, he filled a bag for me.

Yay for potatoes!


  1. I agree, yay for potatoes! I love your experiment and also that you got such a stash of free ones!

    I want to invite you to come check out my blog for why I'm so excited! Plus, perhaps I can entice you to enter my book giveaway. :)

  2. I have so many of those storage containers left from when we moved out here - i'm going to try that next year - because I need the chicken wire containers I used last year for something else! I'm so glad you posted this!

  3. I have had only one successful potato harvest, I plant them in my raised beds. This year all of them died a weird fungal death :(

    Great find on your hubby's part. Around here, every once in awhile, we'll find onions. Always a good thing!

  4. I'm so glad you're back. Have missed reading your blog. Jenny

  5. We have grown potatoes in large pots for years.they grow well and gives us a large harvest of good sized potatoes.


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