Saturday, January 4, 2014

Winter Rut

I have found our little homestead getting into quite a rut this winter.  Work, school, chores, bed.  Over and over again.   We are burned out on construction, so the new addition is at a stand still.  I am not milking Pearl because, well, it's just too cold for both of us.  Our hay quality isn't as good as last year, so her milk production was low anyways.

 On a positive note, the hens are thriving in this cold.  Egg production is up (thanks to a light in the coop), and they are healthy and active.  I don't have a heat lamp on for them this year and they don't seem to mind. I have read that unless it reaches 20 below, they do  better without one.
I have started planning the garden and making goals for 2014.  It's going to be a great year I can feel it.


  1. Oh can totally understand what you mean about the rut.
    It has been the same ol' same ol' around here too.
    I'm hoping to snap out of it. Of course we haven't had near the cold temps like you have probably or snow either.
    I've been doing the deep litter method for the last two winters and it is working to keep the coop warm in there. Make sure there is ventilation... we have screened vents they seem to be doing ok with it.
    When it warms up the clean out goes into the compost to continue making that rich black gold...for the garden!
    I'm sketching out some ideas for the garden beds too.
    Happy New Year!

  2. great to hear the chickens are laying for you. I often wonder how hard it would be to get up early and milk a cow in the cold. Brr. I don't blame you.

  3. I hadn't heard that about the heat lamp.Good to know. Thankfully, even though we have had arctic temps this winter here in Michigan I don't think we have hit -20 actual temps yet- Thank God!
    Cannot wait for spring though. This has been a long, hard, cold winter and I am tired of it.
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