Monday, March 3, 2014

Look At Me! (and some goal setting)

I'm actually here!  Online!  Still haven't replaced my old computer, so I finally got around to hooking up my even older and slower one.  When I saw all the emails I was missing because my "smart"phone for some reason didn't show them, I was horrified!  So if you get an email from me 3 months after you originally sent one, that's why.

Life is slowly moving forward.  Addition still isn't even close to done, ground is still covered in snow, and it's very hard to be motivated to do ANYTHING.

I halfheartedly went through seed catalogs last week.  Meh...

Maybe once I get our new set-up for starting seeds indoors I'll be excited.  I need some dirt therapy because I'm getting serious cabin fever.

Now for goal setting time!  (I did get excited about this)

~  Finally build greenhouse - I can't go through six months of snow on the ground without being able to play in the dirt.  I have to have someplace where I can rake, dig and plant. 
~  Hogs/Pigs - We spent the winter trying to decide how to naturally improve the pastures on our property.  They aren't too weedy, but they need some serious TLC.  When I came across a random article about using pigs to improve garden areas it hit me.  I had been playing around with the idea of pastured pigs to raise for meat so this would be killing two birds with one if only I can find a few pink little "stones" in our area.
~ Raised garden beds - I would love to add a couple raised beds outside of the garden area for potatoes and garlic.  After my potato experiment, I think they would grow much better that way and I would have more control over the soil.
~ Redesign milking stall - Miss Pearl's room needs a serious make-over.  The current stall was not designed with milking in mind and has a post right where my arms need to be. 
~ Establish flower beds - The last couple years I was so caught up in growing to eat, that I forgot to grow  for the birds, bees and butterflies.  Some beds added around the outside edges of the garden would help control weeds and attract bees.
~ Finish Addition - I can't even talk about this without getting discouraged.  I'm going to leave it at that.
~ Plant fruit trees (again) - The pear trees we planted the first year died.  I am determined however that we WILL have fruit bearing trees growing on this property.
~ Add more milk cows - Shhhhhh.... Don't tell Nathan.  He doesn't read my blog, so the poor man is clueless to my schemes.
~ Cover entire property with a dome to keep the snow out - not really, but I wish.  Oh how I wish.


  1. Hi, I just found your blog! Looks like you're a super poster!! Can't help but wonder how you made the transition to homesteading. Do you have a 'regular' income to supplement what you grow and raise? Just put my first seeds in the greenhouse last week and now we've got artichoke sprouting :)

    1. We do work outside the home. While my husband enjoys most aspects of homestead, he has no desire to work from home. I on the other hand LOVE it and work part time to pay for our homesteading endevors. It all started with chickens and branched out from there. How exciting that you have artichokes! Yum

  2. Hi! So good to read here again!:)


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