Monday, March 31, 2014

Shovel, Dump, Repeat

Spring made a quick visit last week, so I took advantage of a rare 50 degree day and cleaned stalls.  This winter I went out and would shovel manure off the surface, but over time it still built up to 6 inches deep.

I would fill my shovel, walk it out to the tractor, dump it in the bucket, and repeat.  I filled the bucket twice.  I have another load in the barn, and then the piles outside yet to go. 

To help combat flies, we are moving the manure piles to the edge of the property.  Once they are moved, and ALL old hay is removed we should be good.  Right now the ground under the hay is damp, and the perfect place for flies to get their start.

Cleaning stalls is actually one of my favorite chores.  No one bothers me for fear of being put to work, so it's quite peaceful.  Just me, my thoughts, and my cows.


  1. I really do know it is hard work, but like you I also kind of enjoy it. Especially when I know I can work hard cleaning my sheep & poultry pens and then be able to stay home. The hot bath is the icing on the cake knowing I put in a hard day's work . Now if I had a tractor...

  2. I now won't complain picking up 3 paper bags full of my dog's business. I admire your hard work!


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