Friday, April 4, 2014

Preparing for Calving

Unlike most farms and ranches, we are expecting only one new addition to this spring.  Molly is due to calve April 15th.  EEEKKK!!  I'm so excited!  I really hope it's a heifer.

I am starting to get prepared for when the new little one arrives.  Stalls have been cleaned, hay is ready to be spread, and most importantly I am getting medical supplies in order for just in case.  I have watched so many videos I could probably do a C-section if I had to (or I could just call the vet).


My mudroom counter is full of supplies that have been cleaned.  Molly can't have the calf for at least 6 days though, because I ordered more supplies and they haven't arrived yet.  Why so much stuff?  Well the last calf was a Dexter, and Dexters are know for their ease of calving and low risk of complications after calving (ketosis or milk fever).  I would rather spend the money and it not be needed, than need it and not have it.  Some of these items aren't available at farm stores, so they have to be ordered online.  In the middle of a snowstorm, if you aren't prepared you could very well loose both your cow and calf.

Sterilized needles of various sizes

OB gloves, probiotics, scalpels, syringes, etc.

Drenching guns (not sure how we ended up with 3)

I have a detailed plan for anything that might go wrong, but that is for another post.  I'm almost ready to just sit back and wait.

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