Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Why Do My Feet Hurt?

This evening I sat down and realized that my feet were killing me.  An "on your feet for 10 hours in shoes without arch support" kinda hurt.   It's my fault.  I HAD to wear my brown flats that I love for the first hour and hate for the next 7.  I work on my feet all day, so I should know better.

To make matters worse, once I got home and finished with my outdoor chores, I spent the next five hours barefoot in the kitchen.  My aunt gives me all her extra garden goodies.  This year was tomatoes, peppers, a watermelon and four pumpkins.  Score!

Because most of the tomatoes were really ripe, I didn't want them to set in my pantry and let them go to waste so I canned half of them as crushed tomatoes.  While I was getting the tomatoes ready, I canned a quick batch of green beans to get them out of my fridge.  Since I was cleaning out beans, I went ahead and sliced up the green peppers for the freezer.  Of course, the milk with the awesome cream line caught my eye and so I skimmed the cream off the top and made some butter also.  All while a homemade pizza baked in the oven.  And that my friends is why my feet hurt.

I'm now going to let you have a peek in my horribly, messy pantry ... don't judge.

In addition to the produce that my aunt gave us, one of Nathan's co-workers brought him two boxes of apples.  Those in addition to what I picked off my tree, should fill the pressure cooker with applesauce. 

Friday I pick up my first Bountiful Basket.  I added 22 lbs. of peaches and 38 lbs. of apples.  I
 guess I will have lots of apples this year. 

Nathan helped too with the harvest this year.  He made freezer pickles (recipe coming soon) because I wasn't going to do anything with the cucumbers other than eat them raw.  I still have LOTS of relish and pickles in the pantry from last year.

Happy Canning!

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