Wednesday, January 28, 2015

AI'ing the Ladies

On December 20th, we took Molly and Pearl in to the vet to be AI'ed, Artificially Inseminated.  I had synced them to ovulate together, so everything had to be done at a certain time.  Luckily both are halter trained very well and are easy to handle, making the job much faster.

We used the same bull (Glenn Land Mr. Toney) for both cows.  This was also the bull that Pearl had been AI'ed with last time.  The steer had great lines and a wonderful disposition.  He would have made a good bull, but with only 2 cows (and one being his mother), we don't need a bull right now.  I'm really hoping for two little heifers this time around.

On the 31st of this month we will find out if they are pregnant or not.  Fingers crossed!

I have learned a lot so far during this AI'ing experience, and have been able to do much of it myself.  Luckily the cheapest Dexter semen that I could find was from the ranch down the road where we purchased Pearl.    

Three more days... the wait is just killing me!

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