Monday, January 12, 2015

Indoor Wood Storage

My handy hubby continues to surprise me.  I find something on Pinterest that I just HAVE to have and he disappears into his shop.  Hours later, sometimes days (I kid.. usually) he reemerges with his handy-work.

This time I wanted something indoors to hold the wood for our stove.  Previously we had been piling it on the floor, but the wood floor was becoming scratched and it was just plain in the way.

I found some inspiration on-line and he went crazy.

Made out of plumbing pipe and rebar painted black, this holder works perfectly for us.  The base is a granite slab that he got for free, with a wood frame.  He put it on rollers so we can move it to the patio door and easily load the wood from the deck.

I love the industrial feel that is so different, yet blends so nicely with the log cabin/farmhouse look of the rest of the house. 

In case you're wondering, yes...I do still have my Christmas decorations up.  I have no excuses.


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