Sunday, February 1, 2015

Round Two

On Saturday, we took Molly and Pearl (the cows) in to the vet to see if they were pregnant.  

Much to our frustration, they were still open (not pregnant).  However, this is common and we were prepared and purchased extra semen straws.  Our vet asked if we wanted to go ahead and start the AI process again.  Of course!

Vet preparing the CIDR
We are going to sync them again so we know when the their heat is and can be bred in a narrow window.  Since we were already at the vet's, she did it for us.  The process is pretty simple.  She inserted a CIDR, pronounced seeder, into each cow.

Inserting the CIDR
Each cow is also given a shot to prevent cysts that might prevent pregnancy.  
Next Saturday we will remove the CIDR and give a shot of Lualyse to further help them come into heat.  Three days later I will take them in to be AI'ed.  

I really hope that they both take this time!

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