Saturday, June 6, 2015

Extending the Garden

Where have I been for the past few weeks?  Well once the snow melted, I have either been working in town or on the farm.  An extra long winter has left us scrambling to play catch up.  As I started planting I realized I desperately need more garden space.  Dear Hubby built me a new bed for my birthday....Yeah!

This bed will be for beans, corn, tomatoes, melons, pumpkin and overflow peppers.

This bed will be for onions in the spring and then I plan to plant some garlic in the fall.

This empty space between the bed and fence will eventually be a raised raspberry or blueberry bed.  Not this summer, maybe next.

Look at how thick that mulch is!  I dare any week to wiggle their way through.

I can already tell that we will have to add another raised bed for more corn, peppers, melons, etc. and a separate bed for strawberries.  When I originally planted the strawberries I didn't plan ahead very well.  I will also have to move my rhubarb, I didn't plan ahead there either.

Happy gardening everyone!

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