Sunday, January 3, 2016

Winter Routines

 It's been pretty boring around here.  Same routine pretty much every day.  Wake up, get ready for work, feed animals, work, supper, feed animals, bed. 

On the advice of our vet, I'm not milking Molly right now.  Her body condition is OK considering she's going into peak lactation and it's winter, but we don't want to push her.  As much as I want raw milk and all the goodies that come with it, I refuse to get it at the expense of my animals.

My son John has really taken an interest in the cows, especially our calf Mabel.  When she was born back in November, we gifted her to John.  So far he has taken this responsibility very seriously.  When I go out to feed in the evening, he comes with me and brushes Mabel.  

Since she's not a bottle calf, we have to get her used to us in other ways.  She loves her grain, so we take advantage of that.

Meanwhile, the mess behind the barn builds up.  Thank goodness we have a tractor for cleanup in the spring.

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