Sunday, March 6, 2016

Well, well, well...


I want to shout it from the rooftop, we are finally getting our well!

After four years of hauling every drop of water we use, the ball is finally rolling to get a well dug.  Money was the biggest obstacle in the way of that ball.  Water ain't cheap 'round here. 

The well drillers came out a few weeks ago to see the property and discuss a good site.  I was expecting they would have geological maps, listings of other wells in the area, maybe even ground penetrating sonar?  Nope, they just said that it has to be at least 150 feet from the septic... where do you want it?

The Septic
It was harder than you would think to pick a site.  After all the hard work that has gone into the garden soil I don't want to dig that up, and we have to keep future buildings and greenhouses in mind.  Some spots are too rocky to easily trench the line and some would force us to go across power lines. 

Power lines

Too Rocky

My brain hurt when we were finished, but we found a spot!

The perfect spot for a well, right by the garden.

Future home of a hydrant!

What if the spot we pick is a dud?  We sit above Wind Cave (Wind Cave National Park) that contains hundreds of miles of passages and probably even more unexplored area.  People near us have hit caverns over 100 feet tall.  The chance of hitting a cavern is high.  It's all very risky, but we feel that it's a risk worth taking.  Without water, our homestead simply isn't sustainable.

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