Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Chicken Coops and Fences

This little white building has sat on our property since we moved here, filled with junk and other things that we didn't want to deal with.  With stucco walls crumbling and boarded up windows, it was time for this eyesore to go.

I have been wanting a brooder house and this fit the bill.  Nathan stripped it and moved it beside our existing chicken coop.

Of course we have to make it look nice.  We do have to keep up appearances. ;)

While Nathan was busy with the building, I was planing the new run layout.  We currently have 10 hens and 1 rooster.  The existing run is already too small, so down it came.

The new run will be about the same width, but the length will more than double.  There will also be a smaller run for the brooder house that can be opened to the main one to make it even larger.

In the picture above, I am taking the photo from about where the new fence will extend to.  

Nathan is such a sweetheart to do this for me.  He has been redoing our fences with high tensile wire.

Above is along the road and the end of our driveway.

Last spring we planted a new pasture.  We don't want cows on it so a new fence is in progress there too. 

This fence completes our third pasture.  It's the smallest and will be where we put calves when they are being weaned.  Downside, it's right by our bedroom window and our cow is LOUD!

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