Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Wood chips and potatoes

It’s gardening time!

I’m trying a new method for my potatoes this year.  Instead of planting them in dirt, they went in wood chips.  Two years ago we covered the area with about a foot of wood chips and let them sit to improve the soil.  I raked two rows down to the dirt.  

I added some compost to the bottom of the rows.  

I planted both Yukon and some reds.  I don’t typically cut up my potatoes.  Just make sure there are at least 3 eyes starting to sprout on each potato, and they are facing up when you place them.  

I marked my rows, and covered them with wood chips about 6 inches deep.  I will need to add more wood chips as my plants grow.

I went inside to throw away trash and guess who decided to walk all over where I just planted.  He’s so naughty.  Hope my experiment works,

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