Monday, May 4, 2020

Planting a Bare-Root Tree

*My son had to write a “How To” for school.  Enjoy learning how to plant a bare-root tree.*

Today I’m planting a bare-root Apple tree.  You will need: a tree, shovel and water.  

First you pick a good spot for your tree, your spot should have good soil and lots of sun throughout the day.

Next you need to dig the hole for your tree. The hole should be deep enough to cover the roots, and twice the width of the tree roots.  That allows space for the roots to grow and become root bound.

Then check the tree roots.  Trim off roots that are growing up, or that are too long, or broken.

After that set the tree in the hole and cover carefully. Break up any dirt clumps. Make sure you don’t cover the graft.

Finally, once your done with all the previous steps you’ll need to water the tree.  Enjoy your new tree!

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