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All About Christina

     My name is Christina.  I am a wife, mother, sister, daughter, and most importantly an ordinary woman serving an extraordinary God.  My husband (Nathan) and I have been married for nine years and are the proud parents of 3 busy seven year olds.  We currently live outside of Custer in the beautiful Black Hills of South Dakota.

     To read more about our homestead, please visit our Tour of Triple H Acres page.

My blessings: John, Jaclynn, Landon    Age 6

     My children are truly miracles.  Born at 29 weeks as quads, they experienced months in the NICU, ventilators, blood transfusions, surgeries, feeding tubes, and so many IV's they still have scars. Their sister Dalia was still-born and there is not a waking hour that passes that I don't think about her.  Their story is a testimony of how much God loves us and how he truly does answer prayers.

1st Birthday

My family at my sisters wedding Aug. 2011
     Nathan, my best friend, my rock, my husband, gives new meaning to the word amazing.  He is the most patient person I know.  We met when I was in college, and my friend tried to call another guy named Nathan, ended up talking to this Nathan (are you confused yet?), which led to me asking him out on a date via my friend, which led to a blind date.  Don't worry, we had some common friends, so I wasn't in danger of meeting someone who might try stuffing me in his trunk.  The date was slightly awkward, but I couldn't fight love (and his North Dakota accent) and here we are now.  If you are curious about what we did on our blind date, we went fishing, caught nothing, and I was home by 7:00.

Because sometimes the temptation to embarrass your children is too great.

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