Sunday, March 1, 2015

Pasture Seed

 With Spring right around the corner (hopefully) we have to start seriously thinking about growing.  Not just growing in the garden, but working on the pasture.  

Last fall we tilled the front pasture in preparation for Spring.

I have been researching what type of seed would work best for us  We will cutting this pasture for hay for winter so I want something that will provide lots of protein for the milk cow.  I finally decided on a hay grazing mix from Best Forage.  

This pasture is our experiment plot, so it should be really interesting to see how this grows.  If all goes well I would love to add to the homestead herd.  You can never have too many cows.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Crocheted Neck Warmer

 Boy, oh boy did it turn cold here!  When the wind howls there is only one thing I want to do, curl up on the couch with some thick yarn and my crochet hook.

I've been making lots of shawls, scarves and this neck warmer.  I made it for a friend, but loved it so much that I made another for myself.  It's a quick project, and used just over 1 skein of Lions Brand Thick & Quick.

 Here is a link of the pattern I used, Ridged Neck Warmer.  I had to redo the buttons because once I tried it on I noticed that they were not straight at all.

 I have some really pretty mauve and teal yarn for one to sell at the shop.  If you aren't one for crocheting and would like to purchase one I am selling them for $25.99, includes shipping.  Just email me with color choices (Lions Brand Colors or Loops & Threads colors.) and shipping info.

Stay Warm!


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